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Miniature bottles

5cl miniature glass bottle containing dry cider 6 %vol.

(If you are interested in buying these for wedding favours and you require your own personalised label for the big day please do contact us for more information.)

500ml gift jar

Available Spring 2008

1 litre gift jar

Hancocks Devon cider is a traditional cider blended from a selection of local apples. It has a light refreshing flavour and an alcohol content of 6% vol. Bottled in a Gift Jar it is available in medium and dry. Minimum order 2 x 1 Litres (size: box of 2 x 1 Litre Bottles)


ĎA GIFT FROM DEVONí Gift Pack contains the following:

1 x 33 cl bottle Rum Cider 6% vol
1 x 33cl Scrumpy dry cider 6% vol
1 x 275ml bottle 8% cider

Gift set

Gift set contains the following:
Childrenís hat
Pencil and Rubber

All with Hancocks cider motif on them.

Hancocks T. Towel

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